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Posted 3 weeks ago

shoelacegirl: I think u should answer the questions about your sexuality. Of course u have the right to share or not. But it seems that or u r straight and wanna play with the expectation of maybe being gay or u r gay or anything inside the spectrum but u don't dare to admit it and those two things are bad the same to me. Of course u don't owe me nothing. It's just my opinion. I'm a fan of yours and u helped me a lot in the past making me feel proud of being myself. U should keep doing that for the girls. Ty


Honestly I never answer this question because it doesnt define me as a person. Im not a religion, a sexual preference, a political view, or any other pigeon hole you can think of. I’m an ever growing, changing, learning, and expanding human being who is different depending on the day, month, year. You should only be judged on your contribution to the world and not your personal preferences. The only thing you are guaranteed to take to your grave is your own piece of mind, so be proud and happy based on your own standards not someone elses. :)

Posted 1 month ago

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Relief and regret. Confidence and fear. Beauty and rage. One must let go of the other to be a true embodiment of the emotion. But what if you can let go? Because letting go means letting go of the reality/fantasy I have created for the emotion. For me, every emotion has a story. I feel so deeply because I create a story to invoke the emotion into my reality. Its the only way I’ve related to others without actually being in the situation. But this can be hindering. Repressed feelings and thoughts nag at me relentlessly. Always second guessing myself. Never being able to trust in anything. And what if the story turns out to be not what you expect it? But if feel my way through life, through the experiences I actually have, then I would know how I truly felt.

Posted 2 months ago